As we approach the end of the first month of the New 2016 year, it is very important to acknowledge and to say the words of love and gratitude to everyone who deserved it and thanks to whom we have managed to help:
Anastasia Bondar, 
Irina Zagorna, 
Vitaliy Serdyuk 
and Andrey Zelyac. 
And support families in need - Obruch, Chervyakovi and Krasouski family.

We are very grateful to You: 
Taras Matsyuk (Chairman of the Board of the PO "GOLDEN LIONS OF THE BLACK HUNDREDS"), 
Margarita Kuzmin (Speech Language Pathologist from the USA), 
Julia Rosenfeld (a philanthropist from the USA) 
Oleg Krayets (Business man from the USA)
for financial and material support of the Foundation's projects.

Without our sympathetic and unselfish friends it would be very difficult to fulfill our mission. Thank you: 
Olga Kachura
Irina Komar 
Oksana Zatolokina 
Roman Zimovets 
Artem Zasorin 
Diana Savinkina 
Sergey Sharuev

Sincere gratitude is expressed to all the staff of TC "Zurbagan", 
PO "Active Youth of Konotop", 
PO "Konotop Youth Moto-Union",
The Democratic Republic of Gymnasion.

Special thanks to: 
Konotop city Center of Social services for families, children and youth; 
The Department of youth Affairs and sports of Konotop city Council; 
The Department of culture and tourism of Konotop city Council; 
The city Center of culture and entertainment "Cinema "Mir"

Thanks to all the caring donors, our patrons, volunteers 
Your support is extremely important to us!!!


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